Is Water Heater Repair Possible for You?

Is Water Heater Repair Possible for You?

When the hot water heater starts to have some problems you may be worried that you will have to replace it all together. While that is a possibility, it is not an automatic thing. You may be able to have it repaired. To know for sure, you will need to call a company that does water heater repair in Fresno, like us.

We can come into the home and determine what the issue is with the water heater and then either repair it or let you know that it will need to be replaced. However, there are some clues that you can look for that may give you a hint of whether or not it will need to be replaced or can be repaired.

  1. If your water heater is simply running out of hot water too soon, there are many different possibilities. One, the unit is just too small for the demand. However, if this has never been an issue before and nothing has dramatically changed in your home as far as the demand for hot water, then this is not likely the case. This would be the only one in which the water heater would need to be replaced. All of the other possibilities, such as a dip tube, thermostat, cross connection, etc are all fixable without replacing the entire water heater.
  2. If you are experiencing rust colored water from the hot water tap, this is something that is repairable. A simple replacement of the sacrificial anode rod with a magnesium anode rod and you will be good to go. This is the part the dissolves slowly over time to keep the tank from rusting, so rust colored water tells you that it is time to replace that part.
  3. If you are hearing a lot of rumbling and popping noises from your water heater, what you are hearing is the boiling of water. This is a sign that there is excessive build up on the bottom of the tank and that is causing it to overheat and boil the water. All of the solutions to this are things that can be done without replacing the water heater.

The more you learn about water heaters the more you are going to understand that many issues that water heaters have are repairable without replacement. We do water heater repair in Fresno and we would be happy to come to your home and diagnose it and repair it.

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