Is It Safe to Reduce the Heat on Your Water Heater?

Is It Safe to Reduce the Heat on Your Water Heater?

The water heater is responsible for providing hot water to your home. Due to its functionality and usefulness, it can use up a significant amount of a household’s total energy consumption.

Fortunately, by reducing the temperature on your water heater, you can easily save money and cut your energy usage. In fact, simply lowering the temperature can reduce your water heating costs by up to 10%, with no change in your overall comfort.

The ideal temperature for your water heater is 120 degrees, or set on the medium setting for older models. Along with helping to reduce any scalding risks and problems caused by your equipment overheating, reducing the temperature setting will also ensure optimal energy usage and can even save you money on your monthly utility costs.

Proceed with Caution

Your water heater is carrying scalding hot water so you should use caution when you adjust or maintain it. You can also take a look at the instructions and warnings on your tank to ensure that you know how to proceed safely.

How to Reduce the Temperature

Lowering the temperature involves a simple, straightforward process:

  • Turn off the circuit breaker
  • Remove the metal plates covering the thermostat using a screwdriver
  • Set the temperature to 120 degrees or to the medium setting
  • Replace the metal plates and any insulation that was moved aside
  • Turn the circuit breaker back on

Is Insulation a Good Idea?

Many homeowners find that investing in affordable water heater insulation can help reduce heat loss and the energy needed to maintain the water temperature. A water heater blanket can be installed very easily and can help to save you money on your energy costs every month.

Is It Time to Call a Pro?

If you do not feel comfortable adjusting the temperature on your water heater, simply call your local plumber. They can quickly and safely adjust the setting for you so that you don’t need to worry about it. Adjusting certain water heaters may involve a more complicated procedure and should be left to a pro.

Make sure to also trust any repair or inspection needs to a professional plumber. While it may seem tempting to save the money on repair costs, attempting to repair a water heater on your own can actually end up wasting more time and money in the long run, compared to just calling a plumber in the first place.

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