Is It Safe to Clear Tree Roots from the Sewer without a Plumber?

Is It Safe to Clear Tree Roots from the Sewer without a Plumber?

Tree and plant roots can wreak havoc on your main sewer line.  While certain plumbing projects can be left to the homeowner, anything relating to your sewer line should be left to a skilled professional. Many home improvement stores and Do-It Yourself enthusiasts will state that you can fix the problem on your own with an auger, PVC pipe, and hacksaw, but this is almost never a good idea. Your plumber has access to advanced equipment and materials to make sure that they complete the services safely and efficiently.

Making a Small Problem Worse

Your local plumber has the skills, experience, and equipment necessary to complete the project quickley. When a homeowner attempts to complete the work they risk puncturing the sewer line and causing further damage,  so it is better to leave the work to an experts.

Sewer lines made with PVC piping are more resistant to root infiltration but they are not exempt from root growth. Over time, raw sewage can leak out into your yard or home through any holes or cracks in the pipe. It is important that the problem is rectified quickly and correctly.

You May Not Treat the Entire Problem

Sometimes it may seem that a problem has been rectified, when it really hasn’t. For instance, you burst through the main blockage without clearing away the entire clog.  This means that while you may have created a small hole for water to pass through,there are still small roots and items that can cause future clogs and issues, so the problem has not been dealt with in its entirety.

Make sure to choose a well-respected plumber.  If a camera inspection is necessary, your plumber will typically charge a flat fee for this, but should then be able to provide a free written estimate on what the necessary services are, based on the camera inspection.

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