Inspection Benefits: Roto-Rooter Plumbers Advice

Inspection Benefits: Roto-Rooter Plumbers Advice

When you own your own home, it can be startling how many things demand your time and attention. From yard work, to house cleaning, to repairs all around, your house can create a very long list of chores for you to do every weekend. Add on top of that a career, family, church, kids ball games or a club of some kind; you may never have a free moment. Lucky for you, Roto-Rooter plumbers in Oklahoma City make it easier than ever to tackle plumbing problems before and after they arise. Consider scheduling a full and comprehensive inspection after reading the following points for better household plumbing care.

A plumbing inspection should be an annual tradition that you arrange and schedule with your Roto-Rooter technician. These full and comprehensive inspections are perfect for new and older homes alike as they reveal problem areas and potential issues that may arise. Also, don't forget to follow up on the information that an inspection uncovers. After speaking with the technician, you should have a clear picture of your plumbing needs. One of our technicians will also provide a plan for servicing and maintaining your plumbing system accordingly. Prescribed products and services will help you a lot.

Did you know that your house could have various slow leaks throughout its plumbing? This means that behind walls, underneath floorboards, and into foundations, there could be constant water leaking. If not dealt with in a timely manner, slow leaks can grow into full on flooding, which causes serious water damage. Along with the water damage that you may already have to deal with, there is also the possibility of mold growth. Mold spores in the air are potentially dangerous and can cause serious allergic reactions. Exposure to black mold, for example, is very toxic and can easily lead to disease or even death. It is worth your time and attention to make sure that you and your family members are protected from harm.

As faucets start to leak, the seeping water wears away at the sealant washer inside. The sealant washer is the switch that turns water on and off. If it is warped or ruined at all, you may need to remove the head and replace the washer with a new one. Once you replace the washer, you can put the faucet back on and won’t have to deal with any more drips or leaks.

For more information about how plumbers in Oklahoma City can help you, call Roto-Rooter today to schedule your first comprehensive inspection.

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