Have you Hugged Your Plumber Lately? Hug a Plumber Day is April 25th

Have you Hugged Your Plumber Lately? Hug a Plumber Day is April 25th

techwithboxNational Hug a Plumber Day. It’s a real thing. Really. We’re not sure who started it but we think we understand the sentiment behind it. Plumbers do important work and the NHAPD designation is to get the public to pause and think about all the great work plumbers do to keep clean water flowing and bad water flushing and draining. Our plumbers seem to enjoy the attention and the hugs, as demonstrated by this fun video as well as this other Hug a Plumber video.

Most people don’t give plumbers a second thought until they desperately need one. What if you woke up tomorrow and used the toilet, as you do every morning, only this time the toilet won’t flush. What if you go to your sink to brush your teeth but no water comes out of the tap? What if your shower does start but only cold water comes out of the showerhead? Are you beginning to get the picture?

The fact is, there is a shortage of plumbers in America. This most underappreciated trade is facing a slow death because too few young people are choosing to become plumbers. Somewhere along the way, Americans decided college is the only path to a successful, well-paying career. But that’s an incorrect notion. Plumbers can earn a great living. Many master plumbers earn six figure incomes because they possess a skill set that is in demand and increasingly rare. Plumbing is a rewarding job that can never be outsourced and can never be replaced by machines or computers. And careers in plumbing don’t require a college degree or the student debt loans that go with one. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of a career in the plumbing trade at Roto-Rooter, click here.

The fact is, Roto-Rooter has plenty of work available but not enough plumbers to do it all in a timely manner. We would hire 500 repair plumbers tomorrow…if there were 500 skilled plumbers available to hire. Nearly every other plumbing company in America is facing a similar shortage, so this shortage is not unique to Roto-Rooter.

Just imagine a future with all the same plumbing problems every home and business experiences today but without enough plumbers to fix those problems. What will it mean? Probably longer delays for service and higher prices for everyone. Who wants that? Nobody! So let’s all show some appreciation for plumbers. They keep the world out of deep doo doo – literally and figuratively and we owe them a debt of gratitude. All things considered, a hug hardly seems adequate.

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