Manchester, NH - How to Retrieve Jewels from the Drain

Manchester, NH - How to Retrieve Jewels from the Drain

JJewelryewels are often precious items that are associated with loved ones, friends and special occasions. However, we can't leave these items on forever, for they will get ruined from washing hands or being worn in the shower. These items are left on the counter by the sink only to be inexplicably knocked into the drain. These moments are often devastating for many of us, especially if the items were wedding rings, earrings or other sentimental pieces of jewelry. But fear not! There are a few methods that can be used to retrieve your jewels from the drain:

Check the pipe

For sinks and garbage disposals, this is likely one of the most common ways to get your jewelry back. First, you'll want to shut off the water valve under the appliance (you'll also want to nix the electricity for the disposal). Next, grab a bucket to catch any dirt or grime that escapes in addition to your lost jewelry. Loosen the two slip nuts on the P-trap to locate your jewels. If a lot of sludge comes out, use hot soapy water to clean up.

Use a magnet

Not very many homeowners have a strong magnet lying around (no, fridge magnets won't cut it here), but for the ones that do, they may be able to avoid the pipe removal approach. Angie's List noted that by tying the magnet to a string, you can lower it into the drain of a sink, shower or disposal to retrieve the jewels. However, this will only work on magnetic substances, not silver or gold. A wet-dry vacuum could even be used to suck up the jewelry from a sink drain.

Put down a snake

A pipe cleaner, plumbing snake or even a wire coat hanger could also be used to bring up a lost piece of jewelry. The key here is to not push it farther into the plumbing system, or it could be lost forever. It's therefore important to use caution and carefully poke around with the wire until it comes into contact with the jewels. SFGate noted that some items can be brought up with the wire, while others may require the vacuum method to get them out the rest of the way.

Jewels are an important part of people's lives for the memories and sentiments that they embody. While these methods can easily be done yourself, for help with more difficult jewelry retrieval and plumbing jobs, contact a Machester, New Hampshire plumbing expert today!

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