How to Prevent Damage until a Plumber Can Arrive

How to Prevent Damage until a Plumber Can Arrive

When a plumbing emergency happens, you have to act fast. The longer that water is leaking or spraying into your home, the more flooring, wallboards, and other items you’ll have to replace. The best thing to do is to call a plumber immediately. A Roto-Rooter plumber should be able to get to your house within a couple of hours. Unfortunately, in that short amount of time a lot of damage can still be done, so it is best to follow a few tips to keep things under wraps until a professional can arrive.

Keep a Bucket Handy

It is best to keep a bucket handy, especially when you’re attempting any sort of plumbing repair. Many people keep their tools for a job inside a bucket, or use a tool caddy that attaches to a bucket. In the case that water starts leaking or spraying where it shouldn’t, the bucket can be used to catch the water. Even if the plumbing emergency happened without you tinkering with something, you should always know where a bucket is so you can grab it quickly when trouble arises.


Tape is another useful tool to have when you have a leak. Duct tape or special leak-sealing tape can be used on smaller leaks to prevent any water from seeping out. This is a temporary solution at best, but as long as you have a plumber on the way to make a more permanent fix, no harm will be done.

Water Valves

Know where the water valves in your home are located and know how to turn them into their off position. If you have a plumbing problem anywhere in your home, the first thing you should do is run a water valve. The main water shutoff valve will shut off the water to your entire house, and is usually located in the basement or on the outside of the house. Isolation valves are usually available behind toilets, water heaters, and other fixtures. These valves will shut off the water to the problem fixture while leaving the water supply to the rest of the house unaffected.

Waiting for Rescue

Once you’ve taken the steps to make sure your house is safe from water damage, all that’s left to do is wait for help to arrive. Fortunately you shouldn’t have to wait too long for the emergency plumber to come and save the day. If you’re stressed about the repair costs, just keep in mind all of the money you saved by preventing any major water damage to your home.

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