How to Manage Water Damage

September 07, 2016

Imagine, coming home from a 2 week vacation in the Caribbean to a basement full of black water up to your ankles. Everyone’s worst nightmare, right? So you think to yourself, what now or where do I start in cleaning this up? Your answer to all of these questions, Roto-Rooter. You probably know Roto-Rooter is North America’s largest provider of plumbing, sewer and drain service. But Roto-Rooter is also the company to call for water damage cleanup and water damage restoration service. Roto-Rooter fields state of the art water removal and mitigation equipment and knowledgeable well-trained technicians.

 40 percent of all homeowners will experience some sort of water damage and 93 percent of all water damage can be prevented. Roto-Rooter has the certified experts who can quickly remove all standing water and the destruction left behind. They can also take steps to prevent this kind of trouble from ever happening again. On the Roto-Rooter website you’ll find this handy infographic which can be printed and placed somewhere in your home for future reference. It shows how to manage water damage. It also provides instructions explaining what to do when you discover water inside your home and offers tips for preventing damage in the future. This informational infographic also helps you find the root of the problem whether it be a burst pipe, sewer backup or a weather related matter.

Referring to the Roto-Rooter how to manage water damage infographic can prevent major stress and aggravation during a difficult time when emotions can cloud your judgment. Just a few inches of water can do serious harm to your home and after a long relaxing vacation, water damage is the last thing anyone wants to come home to.


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