How Roto-Rooter can assist your Business

How Roto-Rooter can assist your Business

The food service industry relies heavily on consistent use of many kitchen appliances to maintain excellent service and the use of utilities such as restrooms for customer use and satisfaction. Sanitary working conditions such as a clean floor and hot water is vital for business and an unpleasant odor from clogged pipe or drain could affect business or the cleanliness of the food preparation. Drain or pipe problems are not limited to the food prep or dining area and leakage may appear in the parking lot or yard of the establishment.

Roto-Rooter specialists are professionals when it comes to solving your plumbing and drainage problems and can work with your establishment to develop a tailored plan to help solve and eliminate any problems that may arise so you never have to shut your doors.

Below is a list of the ways a Roto-Rooter professional in Kansas City can assist you and your business.

1) Plumbing Repair and Replacement
We can solve all of your plumbing issues, from minor toilet repairs to complete pipe replacements.

2) Backflow Protection
Most businesses are required by law to have backflow valves tested and certified every year. Roto-Rooter technicians can install, repair and certify your backflow meters to keep your business in compliance with regulations.

3) High Pressure Water Jetting
We use state-of-the-art water jetting equipment to wash the scale, silt, sand, grease and debris from the pipe, which minimizes chances for future blockages.

4) Video Camera Inspections
Our high-resolution video cameras record evidence of grease buildup, leaks, broken pipes and obstructions. The video inspection allows us to locate the line and determine whether to clean or repair the pipe.

5) Sewer and Drain Cleaning
Roto-Rooter has been cleaning sewers and drains since 1935, and we have millions of satisfied customers.

6) Grease Trap and Septic Pumping
Roto-Rooter dependably and professionally vacuums, pumps and hauls the waste from septic tanks, grease traps, catch basins and other liquid waste receptacles. We provide safe, legal disposal of the waste.


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