How Does Your Erie Plumber Test for Leaks? | Roto-Rooter

How Does Your Erie Plumber Test for Leaks? | Roto-Rooter

Leaking faucetYour local plumber knows how to test for and pinpoint a potential leak no matter where it is within your home's plumbing system. How, exactly, is this possible? Let's take a look:

First: Confirm the leak

The number-one step in your journey toward leak detection and repair is to confirm that there is an actual problem with your plumbing. If you've made it this far, you probably already suspect there is a leak somewhere, but you may not have discovered it yet. There are a number of ways you can do this. Checking around appliances and moving them away from the walls is one way, and shining light into the cabinets under the kitchen sink is another.

If you can't physically find out where that pesky leak is coming from, turn off all the sources of water in your home – faucets, shower heads and appliances – check the water meter and leave everything off for around eight hours. After this period of time, check the meter again and see whether or not it has registered anything. This is a clear indication that you need plumbing assistance.

Sound test

Once you've notified the plumber of the issue, he or she may conduct a sound test of your home's foundation. It's more difficult to discover a leak in homes that were built prior to 2000, because the pipes in these houses were usually put in under the concrete slab. In order to determine a leak in metal pipes, plumbing experts use special electronic sound equipment designed for leak detection. By collecting sound data from underneath your home, a plumber is able to measure any noises from 0 to 100, determine whether there is a leak and pinpoint exactly where it is.

Check for physical clues

It's also possible to determine the source of a leak simply by looking for excess moisture and following any trails. For instance, a damaged supply line for your dishwasher will create puddles around the appliance, and corrosion around the pipes in your basement is an indication of a leak in the vicinity.

Leaks can cause extensive – and expensive – damage to your home, so it's critical to catch them early. If you think your home's plumbing system could have a leak, you should get in touch with your local plumber for an assessment. Call Roto-Rooter today for details.

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