How a Thermostatic Shower Valve Works

How a Thermostatic Shower Valve Works

If you have frequent problems with the water coming out of your shower or bath tub being too hot, it may be time to do something about it. Technology is available now to keep shower water at the right temperature even when somebody flushes a toilet or starts the dishwasher. This isn’t just a matter of comfort; it’s a matter of safety. If you call for plumbing by Roto-Rooter in Calgary they will explain your options. At the lower end of the price scale you have pressure-balanced valves, but if you spend a bit more you can get a thermostatic shower valve. A thermostatic shower valve gives you the maximum level of comfort and safety.

Setting a Temperature

After a thermostatic valve has been installed, the first thing you will do is set your desired temperature. One of the advantages of this valve over regular pressure-balanced valves is the added precision that comes with picking an exact temperature. You can choose any temperature and that temperature will be maintained throughout your shower, regardless of what other fixtures in the house are in use at the same time.

Hot and Cold Water Balance

In your plumbing there are really only two types of water: very hot and very cold. However, when you turn on a faucet or a shower you mix hot and cold water to get warm. All showers do this, but sometimes there are fluctuations in water temperature and pressure that leave the water uncomfortably hot or cold. A thermostatic valve uses a thermostat to measure the temperature of the incoming hot and cold water, and adjusts how much of each is sent through accordingly. So, if you have a burst of hot water coming through, the thermostat will measure the temperature and a slide valve will move to allow in more cold water and less hot. This makes for a more comfortable shower for obvious reasons, but it also makes for a safer shower.


Many water heaters produce water hot enough to seriously burn your skin. Also, in your attempt to get out of the way of the burning hot stream of water you may slip and get hurt. The other safety advantage of these valves is that the water is kept at a consistent temperature in which bacteria cannot survive. When you shower you want to get cleaner, so the last thing you want is water full of bacteria. Thermostatic valves are a great solution for those looking for the most comfortable and safe showers money can buy.


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