Hot Water Heater Repair Resources and Safety Guide

Hot Water Heater Repair Resources and Safety Guide

As a homeowner, you quickly realize how plumbing issues can get out-of-hand in the blink of an eye. One minute everything can be calm and quiet, and the next the toilet is overflowing like crazy. To ensure that your home plumbing needs are being properly met, see what Roto-Rooter has to offer. Our outstanding prices make it easier than ever to secure the products and services you need to address the issues taking place in your home. If you do not feel like you are able to repair the issue yourself, you also have access to our entire team of trained and certified technicians who will be more than happy to assist you. Because of our quick and accurate estimates, you can rest assured that the final bill you receive after each visit will be exactly what you expected. We have gone the extra mile and prepared this safety guide to aid you in your own repair efforts.

Safety First

No matter what the issue appears to be, it is important to ensure that your hot water heater system is safe to tamper with. Failing to do so can put you and those around you at risk of injury. Even if you plan on calling in a technician to take care of the problem, you should follow these steps to help get the situation under control:


  1. Shut off the circuit breaker over this part of the house. Opening up a water heater will reveal many wires and components that put you at risk of shock. Stray spark have also been known to cause fire, especially if natural gas is leaking from the unit.
  2. Turn off the natural gas line going into the system. If gas has been leaking, give the space ample time to air out. Prolonged exposure to natural gas is dangerous and can lead to asphyxiation in as little as a couple of minutes.
  3. Turn off the water valve heading into the system. This will get the leak under control and minimize that amount of water damage taking place.
  4. Relieve the water tank pressure built up inside by opening the drainage valve (attach a hose to the spout to ensure that escaping water doesn't land on the floor).
  5. Give the unit a few minutes to cool off before making contact. Doing this will help prevent burns.

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