Roto-Rooter Gets Into the Holiday Spirit with Seasonal Videos

Roto-Rooter Gets Into the Holiday Spirit with Seasonal Videos

Seasons Greetings Roto-RooterAt Roto-Rooter, we enjoy having fun with our brand. Social media is a great avenue for lighthearted plumber and potty humor. We are one of those brands that often elicits a chuckle from people whenever our name is mentioned in certain settings. So we look at the Christmas season as an opportunity to develop exciting new content that complements the Christmas season.

This year we released two videos with a Christmas theme. The first video is called The Christmas Clog. It involves a classic Christmas scene in a gorgeous living room decorated with Christmas tree, lights and gifts. The grand fireplace and hearth look so inviting that viewers will want to crawl into the scene. Unfortunately, things turn south when Santa Claus clogs the chimney and has to figure out how to free himself. You can probably imagine which 24-hour clog specialist Santa calls for help.

Our second Christmas video, called Keeping You and Your Plumbing in the Holiday Spirit, has more of a plumbing theme as the Christmas Spirit takes hold of plumbing fixtures throughout a home and they begin singing Christmas carols. The message is clear that Roto-Rooter is ready to help homeowners put their toilets, sinks and water heaters in the holiday spirit. But if the plumbing decides to play Scrooge and threaten to spoil the holidays, Roto-Rooter is only a click or call away. We’ve saved many a Christmas celebration in our 80 years in business and while nobody likes to work on Christmas, our plumbers feel a responsibility for helping others get through the holidays clog-free and with fully functioning plumbing.

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