Prep you Jefferson City Plumbing for the Holidays | Roto-Rooter

Prep you Jefferson City Plumbing for the Holidays | Roto-Rooter

Prep you Jefferson City Plumbing for the HolidaysThe lights, the smells, the sounds, the trees…all signs of the holiday spirit in Jefferson City, Missouri. With your friends and family members heading to your house for the holidays, you probably have lots on your mind and your home’s plumbing isn’t likely at the top of the list. But, hosting guests can put a lot of stress on you and your home. Here are some ways to prep your home for the holidays to ensure your plumbing continues to work properly before, during and after the festivities take place.

Be aware of what goes into the garbage disposal

Whether you are hosting a party at your home or simply preparing goodies to take somewhere else, it’s likely you’ll be using your kitchen more than usual. In order to prevent a garbage disposal repair situation, be sure to avoid putting hard-to-grind food like meat skins and bones, carrots, celery, rice and egg shells into the garbage disposal. Toss those items into the trash can. Turn on the cold water and disposal before scraping plates or rinsing dishes, and continue to run water for several seconds after you shut off the disposal to ensure food is washed through the pipe.

Protect your bathroom

Additional people in your home can stress your plumbing with more toilet flushes and extra showers. Be sure to keep a waste receptacle in each bathroom so that guests can discard sanitary products, diapers, facial tissue and the like that are not intended to be flushed. These common bathroom items do not dissolve properly and can clog your toilet drain. Adjust the temperature on your water heater to provide more hot water for extra showers, but be careful not to turn past 125 degrees Fahrenheit to protect against scalding. View our fun facts for additional information and more helpful bathroom tips.

Note: Running your dishwasher at night will help conserve hot water for extra showers during the day. You'll wake up to clean dishes and will be able to take a refreshing shower in the morning. The same principle applies to the washing machine.

Prevent frozen pipes

When it comes to taking preventive measures during winter weather, your pipes need the most attention. Cold temperatures can freeze pipes, potentially causing them to burst and let water loose in your home. Prevent frozen pipes by insulating or wrapping them in heat tape, especially those that are most exposed to cold air, like those in garages, crawl spaces and against outside walls. Be sure to keep the thermostat set no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit in your home. And, open cabinet doors under sinks and other places were pipes are located to allow warmer air to circulate around them. An ounce of prevention now will protect your home against what could amount to gallons of water later. Learn more about protecting your plumbing all year round with our helpful seasonal plumbing tips.

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