Help Roto-Rooter Support World Plumbing Day (March 11)

Help Roto-Rooter Support World Plumbing Day (March 11)

Roto-Rooter supports water conservation initiatives through programs like ROTOGreen.  Another important part of the environmental concerns surrounding water is related to the lack of access to clean drinking water and sufficient sanitation systems worldwide.  We need help bringing awareness to this issue to support change. A terrific new World Plumbing Day infographic by Roto-Rooter shows the seriousness of the issues that World Plumbing Day is trying to address.

March 11, 2013 is World Plumbing Day.  The United Nations declared 2005-2015 the International Decade for Action “Water for Life”, setting a world agenda that focuses increased attention on water-related issues.  With support from the World Health Organization and the World Plumbing Council, the goal is to supply access to safe drinking water to 97 million additional people annually and sanitation services to 138 million additional people through 2015.

In many developing countries around the globe, an experienced plumber is an important to children’s survival as a doctor. Why? Plumbers design piping and sewage solutions that protect the public from water-borne illnesses that are completely preventable by sound plumbing and sewage systems. These illnesses claim the lives of 3.1 million children each year.

Help Roto-Rooter support World Plumbing Day. Let’s call attention to the problem and the solution.
Facts about World Plumbing Issues

  • Worldwide, preventable diseases related to water and sanitation claim the lives of about 3.1 million people per year. 
  • Most of those affected are children under 5-years-old.
  • Of these, about 1.6 million people die each year of diarrheal diseases associated with lack of safe drinking water and adequate sanitation.

Support the cause by connecting with @WPlumbingDay and using #WorldPlumbingDay on Twitter and spreading the word to your networks.

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