Grease Trap Pumping: A Rooter-Rooter Service

Grease Trap Pumping: A Rooter-Rooter Service

Restaurants depend on grease traps to capture most kitchen grease before it can make its way into the main sewer pipe. When the trap gets full they rely on a pump service to pump out the grease trap and dispose of the grease at an approved processing facility. Roto-Rooter in Queens provides a this service to its commercial customers so that they can count on reliable grease trap pumping services and keep their kitchen facilities fully operational at all times. Roto-Rooter in Queens also provides a number of services to ensure commercial grease traps are operating at peak performance.

Roto-Rooter professionals will work with customers to assess the condition and operational reliability of the grease trap and determine an appropriate pumping schedule. Roto-Rooter professionals provide environmentally responsible grease trap pumping in Queens, New York. A powerful Roto-Rooter pump truck will quickly and efficiently pump the grease trap and haul the waste away. With Roto-Rooter, business owners and managers can be assured that their waste will be handled according to all local codes and EPA guidelines.

Licensed plumbing experts are also at your service to repair or replace damaged grease traps should the need arise. Roto Rooter professionals have full installation capabilities to handle repairs and replacements of all sizes.

In order to keep grease traps operating at optimum performance, facility managers cannot ignore the rest of the kitchen drain system. Roto-Rooter in Queens is equipped to keep all drains flowing as designed and when repairs are needed, they can be handled quickly 24 hours a day, seven days a week to minimize down time at the place of business. Roto-Rooter also supplies a high-potency Drain and Grease Trap Treatment. This product combined with an electronic Roto-Rooter Time Flow Meter will automatically treat kitchen drain lines to keep them open longer and reduce the frequency of professional drain cleaning and grease trap pumping, and it’s all environmentally-friendly.  

Visit the Roto-Rooter website for full details on commercial drain cleaning and grease trap pumping.

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