Good Advice From a Pro Drain Cleaner

Good Advice From a Pro Drain Cleaner

As the top professionals in the field of drain cleaning, we want to give you some advice that will help prevent your having a need to call us out to unclog your drains. Take care of your drains. Don't put grease or cooking oils down your sink drains. And limit the amount of food scraps you put down the disposal. Cover shower drains with strainers that will catch hair before it goes down into the pipes.

Roto-Rooter is the top Oklahoma City drain cleaner and full-service plumbing company. We know drains inside and out. We also make professional grade bottled drain maintenance products, which are most effective when used monthly after your drains have been professionally cleaned. Products like Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield will keep drains flowing smoothly for longer periods of time between professional cleanings. You can buy Pipe Shield from your local Roto-Rooter service technician or by calling the local Roto-Rooter office.

Most people purchase drain cleaner when they have a clog in the drain and need to fix the problem. However, a better use of this cleaner is not to unclog the drain, but to keep it clean. If you will use it as a preventative tool rather than a tool to fix a problem, you will likely not run into the problem to being with. But most lye based drain cleaners aren’t as effective maintenance products as Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield, which is a bio-based “green” product that won’t harm your pipes. Pipe Shield uses “good” bacteria that feed on grease and gunk that can be found in drains. And it doesn’t release fumes the way harsh chemicals will.

But when serious drain blockages occur, we hope you’ll remember the top  Oklahoma City drain cleaner and plumber. That’s us, Roto-Rooter. Folks in these parts have trusted us to solve their plumbing and drain problems for 76 years so we must be doing right by our customers.

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