Get rid of plumbing problems with help from Roto-Rooter

Get rid of plumbing problems with help from Roto-Rooter

Nobody is safe from plumbing problems. They happen in every home at anytime. Just when you think everything is under control, toilets clog, drains leak, and faucets break. In an effort to help our customers take better care of their plumbing, Roto-Rooter is excited to share some useful tips to get rid of plumbing problems in Oklahoma City and anywhere else that is applicable. We believe in providing our community with quality products, great service, and useful information so that everyone can benefit.

Drains are a pain, especially in bathrooms. They clog up easily and can lead to other, more serious problems if not taken care of. One simple thing you can do each week is to run hot water down the drain for about 10-15 minutes. This will help loosen gunk and grime that is stuck and push it through the line. Doing this consistently each week at least once will keep you drain doing with the flow.

Shower drains take the brunt of soap, hair, and dirt scum. These things can quickly cause serious clogs in drains. Along with running hot water through the drain once a week, a monthly application of Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield will go the extra mile in eating away at soap scum and adding a layer of protection against further buildup of gunk and grime.

Leaky faucets often go unrepaired for long periods of time. The problem with this is that water is very erosive. Thanks to flowing water we have beautiful valleys and canyons. This same erosive effect can completely ruin a leaky faucet. It is important to repair them as soon as possible in order to avoid a complete rebuilding or reinstallation of a new faucet.

The toilet is not a garbage can. While this may seem obvious, many times people try to flush food, wrappers, deceased pets, and other items down the commode. Flushing down these items quickly turns a normal functioning toilet bowel into a clogged and flooding mess. Only use products that are designed to be flushed, like toilet paper. Even toilet paper, however, should be used efficiently. Too much paper per flush can still result in clogs.

With these tips and ideas from Roto Rooter, we hope that you can start taking better care of your plumbing. If you have any other questions or serious plumbing problems in Oklahoma City, call us right away for more information today!

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