General Upkeep of Laundry room will save you money

General Upkeep of Laundry room will save you money

It’s easy to remember to keep your bathroom, basement and kitchen appliances and plumbing in good condition but not always the laundry room! With a few routine steps, you can keep your washer and dryer in perfect shape and never have to haul your clothes to the laundrymat.

Roto Rooter in Tampa recommends that you only run your machine when it has a full load and that you regularly check your hoses for signs of wear. Keep your drains unclogged by making sure a strainer is there to prevent all hair, soap, and debris from entering the lines. Also, using a strainer on your washing machine hose is a good idea.

To prevent leaks and unnecessarily high water bills, install a flood alarm to warn of water from the washing machine or water heater leaking from the appliance or overflowing sinks. Check exposed pipes under sinks for signs of leaks as well. To prevent gases from backing up into your home though your laundry sink, drain or other infrequently used drains, periodically pour a bucket of water down the drain to keep the trap seal full.

Lastly, don’t forget to apply Roto-Rooter® Pipe Shield® to laundry drain lines once a month to keep lint and detergent scum from building up and causing clogs! Visit for more information on how to keep your pip

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