Four Common Toilet Troubles and Solutions

Four Common Toilet Troubles and Solutions

Toilets are amazing, and from time to time we should take some time to stop and think about how much they improve our lives. All you have to do is go camping for a weekend and you’ll be reminded of how toilets make life so convenient. A lot can go wrong with a toilet too though, and a dysfunctional toilet will quickly detract from any convenience it once brought to your life. Some toilet troubles will grab your attention, but others will require a bit of investigation to discover, but either way, you should be familiar with what can go wrong with a toilet so that if it happens, you will know what you’re dealing with.


If you stand in front of your toilet and notice that the floor is wet, your toilet might be leaking. Even if it’s only a small amount of water at first, the water will add up and begin causing damage. A bit of water from a leak can cause thousands of dollars in damage to the floor and the framing beneath. Fixing a leaky toilet usually requires removing the toilet, repairing the leak, and remounting the toilet. This is a difficult task, so you may consider calling a plumber.


When you’re toilet flushes, the water should run until the tank is full once again. This shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds, so if you hear water running to your toilet minutes after a flush, you may have the problem of a running toilet. Leaving a running toilet is like letting a faucet run all day and night, and all that water that’s wasted will show up on your water bill and start coming for your wallet. Fixing a running toilet is usually pretty quick and easy, and requires only lifting the tank lid and making an adjustment or replacement.


Clogs are probably the most common toilet problem, but most of them are pretty easy to deal with. Most people have plungers, but few know how to use them correctly. To start, turn off the water to the toilet to prevent overflows. It helps to run the end of the plunger under hot water for a few minutes to make it more pliable. Then simply place the plunger firmly over the hole and pump the handle in and out a few times. If it is a more serious clog, you may need to have the toilet removed and the drain snaked by a professional.


If you have an older toilet, it may be using more water than it needs to. You can fix this by installing a new, low-flush toilet or by installing a retrofit dual-flush kit. All of these troubles can be solved on your own, or you can call a Fresno, CA Roto-Rooter to take care of them for you.

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