For All Flooding and Plumbing Repairs, Call Roto-Rooter

For All Flooding and Plumbing Repairs, Call Roto-Rooter

Have you ever gone into your basement and found it to be full of water? Have you ever prepared to take a shower, only to find that raw sewage has backed up into your bathtub? When things like this happen, you know it is time for serious plumbing repairs. Not many people take delight in dealing with raw sewage and nobody likes to have their basement become an unintended swimming pool. That is where Roto-Rooter comes in. We are available to fix your plumbing problems seven days a week, at any hour of the day or night. We realize that emergencies don’t always occur during business hours.

When home flooding occurs, depending on how extensive they are, lots of property damage can result. The first thing you need to do in a crisis such as this is attempt to turn off the supply of water that is causing the flooding. It may be that the water is not even coming from any of your own pipes or valves. Your neighbor may have left his lawn hose running near your window well. When the well filled up, the water poured into your basement. A hose left running all night releases a tremendous volume of water. Quickly determine where the water is coming from and shut it off!

The next steps you take may depend on the nature of your flood. You may decide to contact a disaster clean-up crew, call your insurance agent, or sit and cry. Any one of these or all of them may be useful, depending on your preference. Action that would be absolutely necessary if you find that a broken pipe or water line caused the flood is to contact Roto-Rooter of St. Paul immediately.

Whenever you notice raw sewage inside your home, you know instantly that a serious problem has occurred and needs to be fixed immediately. Once again, it may be a result of a problem with something other than your home’s systems. Perhaps there is a problem with the city sewer system somewhere near your home. Unlike the flood problem, a raw sewage problem may be more difficult to shut off, especially if the problem is originating from somewhere other than your home.

Call us immediately. Our experts with years of experience in plumbing repair in St. Paul will respond immediately and diagnose the problem. Our technician will discuss all your options and offer advice on the best way to repair what is broken. If the situation is a result of a city utility problem, our technician will help you contact the proper city department to address the crisis.

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