Fix Plumbing Leaks to Avoid Mold Growth

Fix Plumbing Leaks to Avoid Mold Growth

Are you constantly dealing with breakdowns in your plumbing?  Replacement of your whole system is something you should seriously consider if you are experiencing frequent problems. It may cost you quite lot, but the savings in repair bills over the years will make up for the initial outlay. Keeping an older home maintained takes constant effort, but is worth it if you love living there. Learning some basic repair skills will help dilute maintenance costs, but you are going to need to have the number of Roto-Rooter handy when you get into problems that are far beyond your skill set. We will come anytime, day or night, to help you solve your problem.

New Plumbing versus Old

When there is new plumbing attached to older, weaker pipes, problems are going to occur. Not only is it hard to get them snugly fitted together, but the old pipes simply cannot handle the same amount of pressure as the new. This will result in a lot of leaks and breaks. Leaking water is often responsible for costly damage to a home. Any time you find leaking water you must act immediately to get it stopped and cleaned up. Rapidly leaking water will require you to turn off your water-main shut off valve. If it is a slow leak, put something under it to catch the water and then call Roto-Rooter to come fix it.

Check for Mold

Do you notice a musty smell in a certain part of your home? Check the flooring and walls to locate the source of the odor. Dampness will encourage mold growth, which can lead to serious respiratory problems in the people living in the home. If you cannot figure out how the water is getting into your house, you will need a professional to come track it down. When you get it properly fixed, then you are going to have to get a cleanup crew to come get rid of your mold problem. If anyone has become ill, he or she may need to stay somewhere else until it is safe to return, due to the life-threatening potential of black mold spores.


If you have had a black mold problem, you are legally responsible to disclose that fact when you decide to sell your home. You will be required to submit a document that gives a detailed description of how the black mold was cleaned up.

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