Five Bathroom FAQ Answered by a Plumber

Five Bathroom FAQ Answered by a Plumber

In order to keep a bathroom running smoothly, you should pay regular attention to how well the plumbing fixtures operate. You can take care of small, routine maintenance issues yourself, while major problems may require a plumber in Vista.

What do I do if my sink drains slowly?

Generally, a slow-draining bathroom sink is caused by hair trapped in the pipes. The first thing to do is remove the pop-up stopper in the sink and remove any hair hung up on it. Next, take apart the p-trap. Get rid of any hair that is stuck there. Warning: there is always water in the p-trap. Before you take it apart, put a bucket underneath to catch the water.

How do I fix a tub that is draining slowly?

Just like the sinks, most of the clogs in a tub result from hair. If your tub has a lever that lets the water out, you can remove that lever. Take the two screws out of the face plate and remove the unit from the waste and overflow. Once that's done, you can get rid of any hair that has accumulated.

How can I prevent clogs in the drain?

Roto-Rooter’s Pipe Shield® is a preventive maintenance product that uses natural bacteria to eat away organic materials that cause clogs. A monthly application in all of your drains will keep the drains odor free and flowing. Pipe Shield is effective, safe for your pipes and environmentally-friendly.

What can I do if my toilet runs continually?

Most of the time, a continually running toilet is caused by a flapper valve that doesn't drop and rest properly or a bad flapper valve. Occasionally the problem can be caused by a bad gasket between the tank and the bowl. Many do-it-yourselfers can handle replacing the flapper, but sometimes fixing toilet problems can be tricky. That’s why a Roto-Rooter plumber in Vista CA is available to help.

What should I do if I have a cracked toilet tank?

Cracks in toilet tanks are very difficult to repair. Epoxy glue usually doesn't work. When water fills up the tank, the cold water causes the tank to contract slightly. As the water warms up, the tank expands slightly. These slight variances make it difficult for epoxy glue to create a bond that will prevent leaks. If you have a cracked tank, you might need to call the manufacturer for a replacement.

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