Find Your Main Water Valves, Prevent Plumbing Problems

Find Your Main Water Valves, Prevent Plumbing Problems

Have you ever woken up in the morning to the feeling that something is just not right? When you investigate the cause of this feeling of uneasiness, you find that a pipe has broken in your home and water is going everywhere. These events cause great anxiety and, in many cases, the whole day is ruined. However, Roto-Rooter is always on stand-by to help with these types of plumbing problems in Gainesville. We are always ready to help and can be called anytime, day or night.

Plumbing is considered by some to be a task that is very undesirable. After all, some people just cannot bring themselves to dealing with sewer or drain problems or even broken pipes. Many of these types of circumstance require the response of professionals with years of experience in fixing and installing all kinds of plumbing.

Whenever a break occurs in a pressurized water pipe, there will be flooding. That is a fact that cannot be avoided. The amount of flooding will depend on a few factors. How quickly the problem is noticed and how quickly the water is shut-off. Also, whether or not the break occurs in a location where run-off goes into a place where no possible damage can occur, like into the yard or out a floor drain, for example. Because of the seriousness of possible water flooding, homeowners should know exactly where their main water shut-off valve is located. Even the children in the home who are old enough and responsible enough should know where the main valve is and how to turn off the home’s water supply.

If you do not know, call us and we will track it down for you. Our experienced plumbers will evaluate the layout of your plumbing and find the valve. It may be installed in a wall in the basement, in a utility room, or under a stairwell. Often they are hidden in out-of-the-way places to reduce the risk of a child playing with the valve and creating potential plumbing problems in Gainesville.

Another important valve homeowners should be familiar with is their sprinkler system’s stop-and-waste valve. This is a pressure valve attached to the sprinkler system’s main water source. When the valve is opened, water is allowed into the system to pressurize the sprinkler valves. When it is closed, all back-flow from the system is allowed to escape out of a small pressure release in the valve housing so all excess water can drain out, thus preventing freezing problems in the main water line during winter.

For any question or problems with your home’s water valves, call us at Roto-Rooter.

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