Fiber Optic Cameras Aid Plumbers

Fiber Optic Cameras Aid Plumbers

Does it seem like you have had to call plumbers to your home a lot recently? Does your plumbing give you frequent problems?   Someone from Roto-Rooter can analyze your whole system and make suggestions on how to get your system running like new. They will also give you an estimate on the cost.


Roto Rooter will run a flexible rod with a high resolution fiber optic camera on the end through your pipes. Images are transmitted back to the operator and stored on video and there  are radio transmitters on the camera that will tell the exact location and depth of any defects or obstructions so that they can be dealt with in the most cost effective manner. Roto-Rooter can also use these cameras to find lost jewelry or other valuable items that may have gone down your pipes.  If your diamond ring slipped off while you were washing your hands and it managed to get past the trap, do not run any more water down the drain. Call the Roto-Rooter plumbers to locate the ring with their camera and safely retrieve it for you.


Roto-Rooter plumbers have drain cleaning tools that will cut through any obstructions in its path removing any clogs that may be stopping the flow of water. If you find that you are having a lot of issues with backed up drains in your kitchen the culprit may be your food disposer. After you get your pipes cleaned, keep them clean by teaching your family how to use the disposer properly.


It is important to remember that the food disposer is only designed to handle light food residue from dirty dishes and utensils that you rinse before loading them in the dishwasher. Make sure when it is running that you have the tap turned on and water flowing through it. Let the water run long enough to completely clear itself out.  Do not put things like potato or citrus peelings, spaghetti or breads into the disposer as these will overwhelm the system and cause it to stop.

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