Faucet Repair Solutions: Roto-Rooter

Faucet Repair Solutions: Roto-Rooter

It seems that with the busyness of life and all the daily activities we participate in, what is out of our sight usually stays out of mind as well. This is because it is easy to forget a pressing need even if it is only covered from view. This is why a leaky faucet can go or a failing drain can go unattended for weeks, even months on end until the problem is too large to ignore. Plumbing takes a beating and it is easy to forget to do simple repairs to keep things running right. Regular plumbing maintenance is crucial to prevent flooding, back ups, and ruined plumbing. Roto-Rooter is here to help faucet repair in Denver go a lot smoother this time around. With our many years of experience in the industry, consider the following for your next project.

Pretty much every house will have multiple leaky faucets at any given time. Since water enter the house under pressure, faucets when not in use have to seal off and keep water out. When you want a drink, turning on a faucet relieves pressure and actually moves aside a small sealant inside. With the daily use of a faucet, turning water on and off gives water plenty of opportunity to work around any seal. Since water is naturally erosive to begin with, seepage can start to occur quickly.

Drippy and leaky faucets are also a big waste of water. Did you know that a single drippy faucet releases about $25 worth of water a month? Multiply that number by 2 or 3 faucets and you find yourself wasting a lot of money on such a seemingly small problem. If a drip or leak isn't taken care of quickly, water will take its erosive course around seals and brass fittings, grazing off bits of metal all along the way. Over the course of a few months, a drip will then develop into a leak and eventually into a full on run. Once this has happen, the faucet head will need to be replaced because of the serious internal damage.

As soon as you detect a drip, remove your faucet head and peak inside at the sealant washer and make sure it is resting against the seat perfectly. Readjusting it back into place should do the trick. If the washer is at all warped and unable to fit back into place, replacing the washer is still a great way for inexpensive faucet repair in Denver.

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