Faucet Repair or New Faucet?

Faucet Repair or New Faucet?

When you find that you have a leaky faucet and you are considering the fact that you need to have it repaired you may want to consider getting a new faucet all together. You certainly do not have to get a new faucet to make sure the issue is fixed. Faucets can be repaired and work just fine. However, if you have pondered wanting a different faucet now would be the time to make that move. Rather than putting money into repairing a faucet, why not just make the move now to get a new faucet and have that installed?

If you do decide that you are going to go ahead with the repair, you can have confidence in our abilities to repair it. We have done lots of faucet repair in Gainesville and we guarantee our work. We know what it takes to make sure that the repair is done in a way that will ensure that it works like a brand new faucet.

When working on doing a faucet repair one of the things that a typical home owner would miss if they were doing it themselves is using stem grease on the O Rings and in other places where there is contact between parts that need to move. Like any moving part in anything else needs grease or oil to keep them moving smoothly and easily a faucet is the same way. Making sure that stem grease is used to ensure this is something that most do it yourself homeowners miss. This will lead to potentially difficult movement of the faucet and premature wear and tear on the internal parts, causing a leak to return much sooner than it should to your repaired faucet.

Another common mistake do it yourself homeowners make in their faucet repair is using the wrong O Ring for the repair. It is crucial that the right size of O ring is used in the repair or it will not work. This can be a very frustrating experience for those who attempt to do this repair on their own.

We know what we are doing and we are happy to do your faucet repair in Gainesville for your or to replace your faucet all together if that is what you would like. Give us a call to get some estimates on both of these options so that you can make the best decision for yourself

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