Familiar Seattle Rain Returns

Familiar Seattle Rain Returns

When we think of Seattle, most of us think of rain. But this has been kind of a 
dry season for the Pacific Northwest, and conversely a "dry season" in terms of business demand for Seattle plumbers. Plumber Tacoma too. Plumbing repair companies that replace lots of sump pumps and handle sewer repair work and sewer cleaning to remedy flooded basements, found themselves high and dry this fall at a time when they would prefer to be low and wet. Low in the basements and wet from water. But not many homeowners in the Seattle-Tacoma area were complaining. After all, those jobs cost money and these days extra cash is in short supply for most families.

But alas, the rains have returned. Last week saw normally tame rivers flooding beyond their banks and the abnormally dry ground became saturated once again. Looks like the humble plumber is once again going to be a man in demand if the rains continue. Commercial plumbing as well as residential plumbing services should begin returning to their normal paces if the rain sticks around, for better or for worse.

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