Expert Plumbers' Tips: Unclogging a Toilet

Expert Plumbers' Tips: Unclogging a Toilet

Are you concerned about the clogged toilet that you cannot seem to fix? Does the water rise in the bowl and threaten to run over? Have you considered calling Roto-Rooter plumbers in Minneapolis to check out the problem?

Toilet clogs are a common household plumbing issue. They can be caused by a number of different obstructions. Most often, it is simply a matter of too much toilet paper with the waste being flushed down at a time. Train your children and other folks residing in your home to be conservative on those paper supplies. It is also advisable to avoid flushing sanitary supplies, food products, toys, or any other sizeable products such as wet wipes in the toilet.

Toilet clogs are the result of an obstruction in the trap. The trap is a curved pipe that keeps terrible odors from your sewer system out of your home. Because of the bend in the trap, objects can become lodged there and obstruct the free-flow of water and waste. You will know that this has occurred when you see the water in the toilet bowl rising, and possibly overflowing onto the bathroom floor.

Always keep a toilet plunger next to the toilet. Instruct all members of the household how to properly use a plunger. Purchase a good plunger that will fit the hole in your toilet bowl snugly. As the rubber plunger traps air and pushes it into the trap, any obstructions in the trap will usually break free and go into the sewer system.

Occasionally an object becomes lodged in the toilet trap and refuses to come loose. Using a short snake purchased from your hardware store will usually take care of this problem. A snake is a device made of flexible rod that has a claw-like fixture on one end. When rotated, the claw rips through a clog and pushes it out of the trap or pipe. Make sure to get the rubber coated kind because metal will scratch the porcelain in the toilet bowl.

To unclog your toilet using a snake, push the rod into the toilet hole until it bumps against the obstruction. Attach the snake handle and rotate the rod while pushing it further into the hole. When the obstruction is removed, run the snake back and forth through the toilet trap a few times to make sure that all the materials causing the clog are cleared.

If there is an obstruction that refuses to budge even with a drain snake,contact your local plumbers in Minneapolis.  Roto-Rooter professionals can install a new toilet if your old one is broken or will not work properly.

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