Expert Plumber: Knowing When to Call and What to Call For

Expert Plumber: Knowing When to Call and What to Call For

plumber is a friendly guy or gal that is waiting to assist you. Have you ever called your friends in the plumbing business? Your local Roto-Rooter specialists are trained in all the aspects of repairs and installations of your numerous plumbing fixtures and appliances.

What are tasks that I should call Roto-Rooter to address?

Perhaps you have sat in your recliner and considered all the numerous plumbing implements inside and outside your home. They include, but are not limited to, hundreds of feet of water and drain pipes and tubes, toilets, sinks, tubs, the water heater, sump pump, air conditioning unit, and food disposer. Fortunately, all these items will not normally break down at the same time. In fact they are all durable items and will last for a very long time if they were properly installed and have been maintained.

Calling your plumbing service center brings comfort because you know that within a short time, there will be an experienced professional showing up at your door ready to go to work. When you decide to call depends on how much of a plumbing project you feel you can handle on your own.

If you are skilled in handiwork and have the tools to do the basic tasks associated with plumbing, then you should do much of your own maintenance around the house. These include re-caulking your sinks and tubs, unclogging the toilet, and tightening the couplers on the water supply tubes located under your sink. Keep a roll of Teflon tape handy for those brass couplers that seem to have gotten stripped and are slightly leaking.

Other plumbing tasks that should be done by an experienced repairman include flushing your water heater, changing the water heater tank anode rod, adjusting and maintaining the air conditioner condenser and evaporator, and installing a new sump pump. In fact your air conditioner is a closed system. That means that all the serviceable parts and components should be done by a licensed and experienced repairman.

Typical maintenance tasks that homeowners can do.

 There are a number of tasks that you can do without the aid of a plumber. Every three months, you should change the filters in your air conditioner. You should also check the caulking in your tubs and sinks. If you notice the caulking has gotten old and rotten or has developed black mold, scrape the old caulk off and re-caulk making sure that the area to be caulked is completely dry and free of dirt and grime.

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