Expert Plumber: Clearing Serious Pipe Clogs

Expert Plumber: Clearing Serious Pipe Clogs

Are you tired of backed-up drains? Is your toilet consistently backing-up and flowing onto your bathroom floor? There is help just a short distance away! Pick up your phone and call the local Roto-Rooter repair center. An experienced plumber is available 24/7/365.

Drain problems are a common occurrence. With so many pipes hidden throughout a building, it is no surprise that at some point there will be a problem. In large buildings, some runs of pipe stretch for great lengths. In the pipe span, there are places that particles can catch and clog. These are low spots in the pipe caused from ground settling. Also, joints and elbows in the pipe lengths are places where clogs frequently occur. Your home might have similar problems. When clogs are too far to reach using conventional equipment then it is necessary to have a professional address the problem.

If you are suffering from a clog in your home’s pipe system, try the usual methods of clearing it. If it is close to the drain opening it is possible that a retail drain cleaning solution will work just fine. You might also try using a toilet plunger. The uneven pressure created with the use of this tool often works to break-up minor clogs. If those methods do not work, however, then it may be necessary to use a drain snake.

Snakes come in various lengths from 7 feet to around 75 feet and longer in some commercial equipment. If you try your snake and have no luck in clearing the clog, then contact Roto-Rooter. Their trucks are loaded with equipment and parts to fix any plumbing problem in your home.

As the plumber pulls his commercial motorized snake to the job site, you will be amazed. It will have interchangeable heads designed for numerous types of clogs. He will put the snake rod in your drain and push it down the pipe until it bumps against the clog. He will then turn on the motor which will rotate the flexible rod. The boxed or claw head on the end of the snake will rip through the clog and send the particles out to the sewer system.

The experienced drain cleaner will run his snake through the clogged area a few times to make sure all particles that caused the clog are cleared. After he is finished, he will clean-up his mess and make sure the project area is as clean as when he found it.

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