Everybody Loses When Sewer Pipes Leak

Everybody Loses When Sewer Pipes Leak

Nobody likes to get the bad news that their sewer line is broken and will need an expensive sewer repair. However, consider that when your sewer line is broken, it is probably leaking raw sewage into the ground and contaminating the water table. For that reason, we all lose.

Raw sewage is bad for the environment. Imagine that stuff getting into the fresh water supply. Plumbing services can be expensive when there is an excavation involved. Your sewer pipeline typically runs from your house, beneath the front yard into the city sewer main. The part of the pipe on your property is your responsibility, not the city's.

Local plumbing companies typically find the problem when cleaning a clogged drain. If the snake gets stuck in a pipe crack or pulls back with mud on it (indicating it exited the pipe and got into surrounding wet soil), technicians experienced in sewer cleaning know the signs. They'll do a video camera inspection to verify how extensive the breaks are, show you the video and present you with sewer repair options.

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