Essential Plumbing Services for Williston, Vermont

Essential Plumbing Services for Williston, Vermont

In just a few decades, Williston, Vermont, has transformed from a rural town into a part of the growing Burlington metro area. It is now one of the most active retail centers in the state and is strategically located in densely populated Chittenden County, not far from either Burlington or Montpelier, the state capital.

U.S. Census data indicated that Williston grew more than 56 percent between 1990 and 2000, and another 13.7 percent from 2000 to 2010. This influx of new residents means that homes and rental units are increasingly in demand. One thing that new homeowners and landlords should always be aware of is potential plumbing issues.

Compared with the U.S. average, Williston gets three times as much snowfall. It also sees single-digit temperature lows in the winter. With these facts in mind, here's what to look for from a professional plumber in Vermont:

Expertise with frozen pipes

In January, the typical U.S. city sees a low of about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, but Williston's average is a chilly 8 F. Such cold makes frozen pipes a constant risk to the area's residential and commercial properties.

Regardless of what the underground pipes are made of, the water passing through them can freeze and then expand, causing excessive pressure that blocks or breaks the line. It is common for even a small leak to pour hundreds of gallons of water into a basement or ground-floor room.

You can take some steps on your own to deal with frozen pipes, such as shutting off the water main temporarily and using a hair dryer to thaw visible pipes. But you should contact a professional plumber for thawing assistance in any other situation.

Pipe and drain cleaning services

Vermont is not called the Green Mountain State for nothing. Trees are abundant throughout the state, and many of them are quite old. In fact, a lot of them were planted in the wake of the Great New England Hurricane of 1938 that destroyed much of the region's tree cover.

Old trees have substantial roots, which can mean trouble for underground pipes. Roots gravitate to nutrient-rich sewer lines and, if not kept in check, may eventually destroy them or at least put them under such pressure that their leaks will get out of control.

The best way to avoid having to rip and replace a building's pipes is to get a team of plumbers to perform a regular cleanout of any drains or pipes that could be vulnerable to damage. These plumbers can deal with clogs and blockages so that they cause as little trouble as possible.

Water heater repair

A water heater is essential for keeping your water warm in a cold climate like Vermont. If you see it having issues or realize that it is perhaps near the end of its lifespan (e.g., 10+ years for tank heaters, up to 20 for tankless ones), consult a professional plumber for repair or possible replacement.

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