Drain Cleaner to the Rescue: Roto Rooter

Drain Cleaner to the Rescue: Roto Rooter

Plumbing is an important part of our every day lives. We wake up each morning and take a shower, brush our teeth, cook food, drink water, and dispose of waste all the time. Plumbing systems take a toll because of constant use and can experience failure in certain capacities if not taken care of regularly. For example, drains perform an extremely important function in the overall mechanics of your plumbing. Any water that is being used to perform a task of some kind has to eventually be disposed of. Drains carry that waste out of your house and to a city sewer or a septic tank in the backyard. In an effort to help, Roto Rooter is excited to share valuable information on how to care for, fix, and prevent the most common Baltimore drain cleaner mistakes that are made.

One of the easiest ways to help keep a drain free of gunk and grime is to simply install a filter of some kind. Most kitchen sinks have them, but often time’s bathtubs and bathrooms sinks don't have them. A filter can catch hair and other obviously clog worthy materials before they ever have a chance at entering the drain. After use, you can simply empty these out and reuse them over and over again.

If you notice a clog forming a drain, check to see if you can actually see the clog before moving forward. If the clog is visible, you can use your hands or a screwdriver to free up the clog and clean out the garbage and restore normal draining flow again. One thing to realize about drains is that even the most careful use of a drain does not guarantee that a clog isn't on the horizon. Soap, grease, hair, and dirt still end up passing through and get caught in places. These stragglers end up holding back others and can quickly turn into a very serious clog. In these situations, the best thing to do is use Baltimore drain cleaner products and chemicals to keep the drain free.

Acid based cleaners and lye are effective for dissolving serious clogs, but can also cause serious wear and tear on pipes. Especially on PVC, acids will eventually eat through pipes and require them to be replaced. Using alternate or more natural solutions that are enzyme based use bacteria to eat away at clogs. They clear away clogs but do not damage pipes.

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