Drain Cleaner Miracle: Roto Rooter

Drain Cleaner Miracle: Roto Rooter

Keeping a drain clear is more than just using chemicals every week. To prevent overflows and backups, it requires a little more knowhow than just simply using a filter. Drains take a beating as we use out plumbing day to day. Especially in bathroom and kitchen sinks, drains have a tendency to backup more than other places. Roto Rooter is excited to share tips and help you gain experience taking better care of your plumbing. Using our trusted products, services, and trained technicians, you can get any plumbing related job taken care of in a jiffy. If you are new to DIY plumbing techniques, here are some Denver drain cleaner tips to help you down the road.

Prevention is always a better alternative. Waiting to think about your plumbing until something breaks or stops working is a sure guarantee that something will go wrong just at the wrong time. Plumbing is mostly out of site and out of mind. Except for leaky faucets, we usually overlook what is going on behind the scenes until it is too late. In the case of drains, clogs are always forming. It is important to note that products like soap, toothpaste, human hair, grease, and food constantly pass through draining pipes and leave traces behind. Over the course of just a few weeks or months, these traces build up and cause blockages.

In the case of a serious blockage, try working at the drain with a tool. A snake is a great tool that professional Roto Rooter technicians use a lot to fish out whatever is giving your drain grief. You can rent or buy one for yourself, or you can simply call us to come do the job for you. Whatever you decide, a snake is a very effective way to get an impossible clog eradicated.

If you notice that a clog is forming in a drain, check to see if it is happening close to the opening. You will most likely be able to use your hands or a screwdriver to pulls out the hair, dirt, and grime that is caught very easily. Once this is done, if there is still a clog, you can use acid based cleaners to quickly eat through the remaining clog. These Denver drain cleaner products should be used sparingly as they cause stress to pipes and can actually damage them over time. For information about cleaning products that are safe for your system, call Roto Rooter today and speak with a professional.

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