Eco-Friendly Drain Care Products for Summer | Roto-Rooter Blog

Eco-Friendly Drain Care Products for Summer | Roto-Rooter Blog

It’s summertime and the preferred season for many people has finally arrived! The season of good weather, great memories and even better festivities is here. For many people, summer celebrations consist of gatherings with lots of food that eventually gets dumped down the drains.  Many of us find joy in making use of new grills or outdoor equipment, as well as cooking out to celebrate the changing of seasons. However, a main concern is always, how am I supposed to keep my drains from clogging when the leftover scraps of food are accidentally dumped down the drain, or not so accidentally crammed into the disposal instead of into the trash can? You could invite your plumber to your cookout but there is a better way to keep your drains flowing.

Pipe Shield Product

Why not solve the clogged drain problem before it happens? Petty drain issues should not have the power to clog your summer celebrations. Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield helps people do just that. Pipe Shield is an environmentally friendly monthly enzyme treatment product that keeps drains unclogged from the first concentrated treatment until the very last, 64th, treatment. This way, there is no distress about what if my drains clog? Pipe Shield not only keeps drains clog-free longer, it also treats the entire piping system before it has a chance to become stopped up.

            Emerging products are becoming more and more centered around the sort of green movement currently taking place nationwide, but Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield has been a green product since its introduction in 1981. It is tempting to use readily available harsh caustic chemical products but those could potentially harm drains and certain kinds of pipes. However, Roto-Rooter’s Pipe Shield carries the certified “green” EcoLogo seal and is safe to everyone and everything that comes in contact with it. So, help save your drains, the environment and even your summer celebrations, and let us know what you think! Have a happy clog-free summer! Pipe Shield is available through your Roto-Rooter service technician or you may order it here

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