Don't Ruin Your Disposal This Season! | Roto-Rooter Blog

Don't Ruin Your Disposal This Season! | Roto-Rooter Blog

With Thanksgiving right around the corner many homeowners are worrying about who is going to make the turkey this year and where to get the best pumpkin pie in town, but be aware that holiday feasts can cause major plumbing issues. During the holidays more food and drinks are poured down the drain and disposal than any other time of year and this causes major buildups and weakens the your drain system. To get your drain and disposal back to operating well, your local St. Paul Roto-Rooter has some tips for you to practice:

-          Run hot water and pour ice down the disposal and turn on the disposal, this sharpens and cleans the blades of the disposal for better performance.

-          To rid the disposal of bacteria and reduce the chance of odor, pour a mixture of ammonia and hot water down the drain and disposal and let it sit without getting washed out for 30 minutes. Baking soda is a milder alternative that will still get the job done.

-          Plug up your sink and fill it with hot water (suggested a gallon of water but it works if you just fill it close to the brim) and ¼ cup of baking soda, once the mixture is mixed, release the plug and turn on the disposal. The rush of the liquid under pressure will clean most of the bacteria out and flush any unwanted substances out as well.

-          It is good to practice disassembling your drains and cleaning the sludge out every 3 years to protect your appliances and relinquish any future problems. Also when purchasing garbage disposals it is important to buy one large enough for the loads you will put in it and the amount you will use it.

To get your drains and disposal checked and cleaned out after your big holiday bash or all year round, call your local St. Paul Roto-Rooter technician.

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