Do You Need Residential Water Restoration Services in Lowell, MA?

Do You Need Residential Water Restoration Services in Lowell, MA?

Rainy days on the east coast are not only gloomy - they can also be a pain on your home's infrastructure. If your sump pump isn't working properly or if the rain is just too much to handle, a mere few inches of water in the basement could cause serious problems for your home.

If you have visible water damage or think you might have fallen victim to this homeowner's woe, water restoration services can be your quick ticket to returning the house to its previous vigor. How do you know whether or not you need residential water restoration services? Let's take a look:

Reasons you might need services

The rainy season isn't the only culprit of water-damaged homes. Sewer line backups, overflowing sinks and sprinkler system leaks are all possible precursors to water damage, as well.

There are many types of water that can cause this kind of damage on a home, including clean water (surprisingly), gray water, black water. The differences in these kinds of water lie in their ability to be ingested. The two latter categories can cause health concerns, so you need to be sure which one you're dealing with.

Check for water damage

Wall with water damageWhen unwanted moisture gets into your home, it can destroy prized possessions and serve as prime real estate for all sorts of mold. If you act quickly, you can improve your chances of saving your possessions and preventing permanent issues, but not all water damage is easily visible.

Caution: undetected moisture will continue to cause damage. The damage will cause odors at minimum. Greater damage happen when materials delaminate and deteriorate to where it could be a costly repair.

Call your local restoration services expert

When it comes to making sure water damage doesn't spread, it's critical to get in touch with someone who knows what he or she is talking about and not to try to deal with it all yourself. The IICRC provides training and certification to these professionals so that they are qualified to inspect your home. IICRC-certified restoration experts have the knowledge necessary to not only remove excess water, but also to identify potential sources of moisture in your home and further dry it completely back to pre-loss conditions.

Contact your local Roto-Rooter today for more information about how our IICRC- certified experts can help you deal with and prevent future water damage.

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