DIY plumbing repair: which jobs can you do vs. which ones require a professional

DIY plumbing repair: which jobs can you do vs. which ones require a professional

It may be easy to think that you can take on your latest plumbing problem on your own, but you may be biting off more than you can chew, and in plumbing terms that can lead to more problems and a whole lot of frustration. Knowing your skills and the nature of the issue at hand are critical to knowing when to quit your DIY attempt and when it’s time to let the professional handle the plumbing repair.

That said, there are a host of minor problems that take nothing more than a few dollars and a trip to your local hardware store, to repair. If you are experiencing a running toilet, a foul smelling toilet or a dysfunctional flush, most likely you can take on these fixes yourself. You will need to replace a small part and there are many tutorials available to guide you through the process.

It gets a little stickier (perhaps more stinky as well) when the job is bigger or is more ambiguous about its nature. A burst pipe will cause major problems and will require the immediate need for a plumber, it’s best to call for their help so you will be sure to finish the job appropriately and prevent it from happening again. A renovation which requires changing locations of pipes and major water lines is a usually a job for the professionals as well. They know exactly how to make these changes without disrupting other systems. When the repair is out of reach and well buried within the plumbing system of your house, calling the right people with right tools will save you lots of time. It will also prevent bigger problems from occurring as you try and learn as you go.

Each person is certainly different in their comfort level and experience with plumbing repairs. For most though, a good rule of thumb is to only tackle the small jobs that can be completed in an afternoon and leave anything else that would take a day or more to the professionals.

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