Dealing with Strange Smells In Your Home

Dealing with Strange Smells In Your Home

Any offensive smells in your home can take a toll on your sanity, your plumbing, and even your health. Oftentimes, these odors are just cluing you into other problems at hand, so you should not ignore any foul or chemical-like smells.

The offending smell may be coming from an item being dropped in the toilet or down the drain. Fortunately, your local plumber can get to the source of the clog for complete results that you can count on. Simply cleaning and airing out your home can also often help to safely and effectively clear out the smells.

Fumes from the Sewer

Strange smells may be caused by fumes from the sewer. Noxious odors in your home can actually prove to be dangerous to your health due to the leak of methane and bacteria into the home. This high concentration of methane gas is also combustible, which can lead to an explosion. It is crucial that you deal with this problem as soon as possible. Sewer-like odors should only be treated by a skilled professional who can use complicated trenchless technology to clear out the sewer line.

Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is designed to help make your life easier by quickly disposing of small food particles. However, if you do not use it properly and maintain it well, it can actually lead to more problems and strange smells in no time. When a clog forms in the kitchen drain, it can prevent any food items from going down the drain, which will cause them to sit and rot in the garbage disposal, leading to overwhelming smells.

To deal with the smell, many homeowners find that it is enough to pour vinegar and lemon juice down the garbage disposal while it is running. You can also grind ice cubes made of vinegar in the disposal to sharpen the blades and clear any offending odors.

Carefully Choose a Plumber

Sweet smells or the smell of burning plastic can indicate heating or electrical problems, which should be left to an electrician. For garbage or sewer-like smells, it is important to choose a licensed, insured plumber in Baltimore to complete the work. This will help to ensure that you have chosen a skilled professional that can capably handle the work involved. If possible, make sure to choose a plumber who offers a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that the work is done correctly.

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