Dealing With Low Water Pressure | Roto-Rooter

Dealing With Low Water Pressure | Roto-Rooter

Low water pressure can be a major issue. Between washing dishes, taking care of laundry and showering, homes need water to work full steam at various intervals throughout the day. So what are some causes of this problem?

Water pressureClogs

The pipes in your home could become blocked as a result of sediment buildup. This source could also be the reason behind specific faucets with a weak flow rate. Typically, a solution of water and baking soda dissolves any buildup in faucets.

Mineral deposits and corrosion are particularly a problem in galvanized iron plumbing that's typical in older properties. You'll need to seek professional help to determine the extent of the problem, as there isn't a DIY remediation solution.


If there's a leak in your pipes, much of the water you need for sinks and showers will divert to the opening. Look for obvious signs of leaks, such as water damage throughout your home. Another option is to shut off the water to the house and see if the meter increases after waiting a few hours. Simply repair the leak or call a professional for more complex leaks.

Closed valves

Homeowners adjust their water shutoff valves for various reasons. Maybe they had a leak and turned off the water, or they simply closed the valve by accident. Whatever the case, it's important to make sure valves are completely open. Often, difficulties with water pressure are as simple as a partially closed valve.

Faulty municipal systems

Sometimes, the issue lies outside of your home. If you hear your neighbors mentioning low water pressure in their properties, give your city hall a call to send out maintenance crews to rectify the problem.

If none of the aforementioned solutions work, call your local Pasadena Roto-Rooter professionals today for advice and guidance.

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