Compression Faucet Repair Made Easy With Roto-Rooter

Compression Faucet Repair Made Easy With Roto-Rooter

Are you new to home plumbing repair? There's no need to worry or stress with Roto-Rooter on call. Since 1935, we've been an industry leader providing satisfied customers with the resources they need to successfully repair and maintain home plumbing systems properly. Consider the following guide for compression faucet repair.

You will need the following for this project:

  • Flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers
  • Box cutter
  • Wash cloth
  • Slip-joint pliers
  • Heat-resistant grease
  • Custom valve-seat wrench

Following these steps for a smooth sailing do-it-yourself compression faucet repair.

  • First, reach underneath the sink and locate both the hot and cold water valves. Firmly turn them off, cutting off water flow to the main faucet for repair.
  • Second, use the flat edge of a flathead screwdriver or box cutter to carefully pop off the decorative caps located on top of each hot and cold faucet handles to expose the screws holding them in place.
  • Third, unscrew and remove each screw, make sure to keep them in a safe place to make reassembly simple.
  • After removing and storing both screws, the handles should sit rather loosely, allowing easy removal by gently pulling upwards to pull them out of their position in the stem assemblies.
  • Locate the retainer nuts holding the assemblies in place and loosen them with slip-joint pliers.
  • If the retaining nuts have been adequately loosened, the assemblies should easily slide out of their snug position on top of the valve seats.
  • After removing the assemblies, take note of the rubber washers on the ends of each unit. These washers promote a watertight compression system. Replace washers if found to be rough, brittle or damaged.
  • Each assembly unit should have a cover held in place by another nut that can be easily removed with a small wrench. Once removed, the stem shaft covered in rubber o-rings is now visible. Remove any visibly damaged o-rings by snipping them off with scissors. (If there are too many rubber pieces to replace, you can also replace the entire stem assembly with a new unit, as it may be easier.)
  • For easier replacement of new o-rings, use heat resistant grease to slide the rings into place.
  • Next, use your fingers to explore the valve seats. If there is a lot of roughness to the surfaces, the valve seats are probably leaking water and require immediate replacement.
  • With a valve seat custom wrench, remove the seats and install new replacements.
  • Finally, proceed to reassemble the entire compression faucet system following the above steps in reverse order.

For more information about compression faucet repair or any other plumbing repair, call Roto-Rooter today.

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