Common Problem Plumbers Face: DIY Tips for Success

Common Problem Plumbers Face: DIY Tips for Success

Why do people tend to forget what they cannot see? It is common to leave the house without your wallet or phone in the morning if you didn't see them before walking out. Only when you need them do you realize they are gone. Plumbing is similar in the sense that we can't see most of what goes on behind the walls and underneath the flower. Even so, the fact remains that plumbing needs our attention. When problems turn into serious issues, we call plumbers in Jersey City to come out and help fix the mess. Roto-Rooter has been the trusted service of choice since 1935. With years of experience getting the job done for millions of customers, our knowledge can help you take better care of your plumbing.

  • Toilets. They get used more than any other part of your plumbing. With the constant flushing, clogs quickly form and need to be removed. Most clogs can be jostled free with a toilet plunger. For more serious backups and clogs, it may be necessary to use a heavy-duty pipe cleaner to break down the grimy barrier keeping water from draining. In the case of solids like plastic, metal, and rocks gets flush, only a special tool can free this clog. A Roto-Rooter technician will arrive on the scene with a "snake" to run down the line and pull out anything in the way.
  • Clogged drains abound in any normal household. In order to keep them under control, there are a few things you can do. First off, keeping them clean is the easiest thing to do. Bathroom drains catch a lot of hair that in turn attract soap and grease. Together, they can make a terrible clog. Using a screwdriver, pull out the hair and gunk and then use pipe cleaner to washer away anything left in the way. For a kitchen drain, using a filter to catch food products is the best way to crack down on clogs. Even if most of the food is caught in the strainer, grease and smaller food particles will eventually build up a clog. Once a week, pour boiling hot water down the drain. For added effect, baking soda and vinegar will make the water acidic and break down the clog even further.
  • Frozen pipes are a serious issue. As water freezes, air pockets burst through pipes causing them to crack or even shatter. This winter, make sure you beef up insulation in your walls and cover pipes with special pipe insulation to make sure you are free from frozen pipes this winter.

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