Clogged Virginia Beach Plumbing? Roto-Rooter to the Rescue

Clogged Virginia Beach Plumbing? Roto-Rooter to the Rescue

What do you do when you go in your kitchen in the morning to turn on your water, only to realize that your sink is backed up? Being the can-do kind of person that you are, you run and grab the trusty liquid drain cleaner. As you pour it into your drain, you pray that this will be an easy fix. A half-hour later, the water is still not draining. Now what? You find yourself in the garage rummaging through your tool drawers hunting for that pipe snake you picked up at the hardware store last year.

The Roto-Rooter Experience

If only the snake were twice as long. Now you're going to have to go to the hardware store and get either a longer pipe snake or a pressure bladder or both. When both of these solutions fail, you can call a Roto-Rooter Virginia Beach plumber and ask them to send someone to get your sink flowing again. The trained technician has the pipe unplugged and the water running freely down the drain so quickly that you wonder why you didn't call them in the first place. Why not have him look at all your slow drains while he’s there. Paying for second and third jobs during the same service call is actually cheaper than calling him back in a few weeks to deal with another household clog or plumbing problem.

Problematic Garbage Disposal

The most likely culprit in your clogged kitchen pipes is your garbage disposal. Using a garbage disposal improperly can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. If the food particles are not ground up small enough, they can become enmeshed in hair and grease, causing a huge mess in your pipe. Some communities have banned disposals because of all the problems they cause to the city sewer system.

 Rules for Disposal Use

It is essential that everyone who is going to use the disposal have a quick lesson on how to use it properly. No potato or citrus peelings should ever be put into it. Dinner plates should be scraped into the garbage. When you run the disposal the water should be on full blast and the disposal should be allowed to run until it is completely cleared out. Children will need to be reminded how to run it properly if you do not want to end up with clogged pipes.

That Magic of Enzymes

Another way to keep your pipes clear and the water running is to regularly put enzymes into your drain. Products like Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield use natural biological matter to promote enzyme growth. These enzymes will eat away particles that form blockages in pipes. Treat drains with this kind of product on a monthly basis and you may never have another clog. It should be a comfort to know that if there is a problem that you cannot handle with your plumbing that you can call our Virgina Beach plumbers anytime night or day. Roto-Rooter of Virginia Beach does not charge extra for nights, weekends or holiday service.

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