Christmas Holidays confound your drains

Christmas Holidays confound your drains

We got through the busiest day of the year for plumbers (the day after Thanksgiving) but please take heart if you're expecting guests or doing any holiday entertaining. The busy season for sewer cleaning is still underway and will remain brisk through the end of the year. Business will peak the day after Christmas, which is usually the second busiest day of the year for sewer cleaning and plumbing contractors.

If you're planning a get together or party and some of your drains are running slowly, you would be wise to start looking up local plumbing companies and scheduling service before your guests arrive. It's always better to deal with such problems on your own time and your own terms when you can control the situation and make it fit your schedule. Plumbing problems can ruin your holiday party.

Even though Roto-Rooter offers 24-hour plumbing, you might find yourself waiting in line for plumbing contractors on or around the holidays. And if your problem turns out to require more than a basic sewer cleaning, like say a sewer repair that involves the need to dig up your yard, you could wait even longer for relief. Plumber Salt Lake City, plumber Philadelphia: these are the terms people will use to search out a reliable plumber on the web those days. But you know our name and you can just call us if you need us: 1-800-GET-ROTO or click here to schedule a convenient time for service.

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