Can You Kill Tree Roots without Killing the Tree?

Can You Kill Tree Roots without Killing the Tree?

Trees are beautiful and provide many advantages to homeowners, and they can even bear delicious fruit or nuts. However, tree roots can cause major headaches to homeowners. Whether a root is lifting and cracking the driveway or clogging up the plumbing, the roots need to be removed, but is it possible to remove tree roots without killing the entire tree?

Physically Remove Roots
If you have root problems in your yard, you can cut and remove them. They may have already done their damage, but you can stop them from doing more for the time being. With roots clogging your plumbing, you can call Roto-Rooter in Raleigh to snake the line for you. This will chop up all the roots in your pipes and get rid of them. Removing a portion of a tree’s roots is somewhat detrimental to its health, especially if is a large root, because you are creating an open wound and restricting the amount of resources the tree can take in. Trees are resilient, and will most likely recover, the problem is that when they do recover, those roots are going to grow back and you’ll be facing the same problem.

Of course it is best to plan your yard in a way that prevents root problems from the start. Grow smaller trees, and make sure they get plenty of water to keep their root system small.

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