Call Roto-Rooter to Fix Water Heater Leaking Problems

Call Roto-Rooter to Fix Water Heater Leaking Problems

In Phoenix, water heater leaking may be caused by a corroded tank. If that is the case, the water heater will need to be replaced. Repairing an older water heater costs almost as much than getting a new one. Don’t worry; Roto-Rooter can help you with any water heater issues from small leaks to total replacement. We have excellently trained technicians ready to come and help as soon as you call.

Maintaining an Older Home

If your home is twenty years old or older, you will find all kinds of problems cropping up with the major systems like your furnace and air conditioning, your plumbing, and with your major appliances, such as the dishwasher and freezer. It can be a headache if you aren’t a fix-it type of individual. Make sure you have Roto-Rooter and a good repairperson programmed into your speed dial. You’ll just have to hope and pray that not everything goes on the fritz in the same month. It can get quite expensive.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

A good rule of thumb for any homeowner is to have a maintenance schedule. This calendar lists everything that needs servicing or maintenance on a regular basis. You can schedule everything from sharpening your lawn mower blades to staining the fence, sealing the concrete, charging the air conditioner, changing or cleaning blower filters on the heating and cooling systems, checking for Phoenix water heater leaking, to tuning the piano.

Coordinate Your Calendars

Check the calendar at the first of each month and make a note of what needs doing in the next month or two and then call and schedule appointments for the jobs that require a professional technician. It is easier and less expensive to maintain something than to let it go until it breaks down completely and has to be replaced. Remember that the schedule is there to help and serve you, not the other way around. If something comes up, it is totally fine to reschedule an appointment for another day rather than stress yourself out. Don’t forget to coordinate this calendar with your family and work calendars to avoid conflicts.

Eventually, even with maintenance, some things simply die and have to be replaced with a new unit. It’s nice to know that there are professionals like Roto-Rooter of Greater Phoenix that are available day and night, 365 days a year that will come and take care of these types of problems.

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