Brooklyn plumber tips to retrieve items that have gone down the drain

Brooklyn plumber tips to retrieve items that have gone down the drain

Has your favorite piece of jewelry accidentally slid down the drain? Or is your sink clogged with hair, toothpaste or grime? Don’t worry, most items won’t make it past the P-trap, the plumbing in the shape of a U at the bottom of your sink, which is normally the source of the clogging. Don’t call a plumber in Brooklyn just yet! Roto Rooter has some do-it-yourself tips so you can easily retrieve your jewelry or unclog your sink in a matter of minutes.

The P-trap can easily be removed by hand, but before you get started, you will need a pair of gloves and a bucket. Place the bucket beneath the P-trap and proceed to loosen the slip nuts on either side of the P-trap by hand or with a wrench. You will then be able to remove the contents blocking the plumbing into the bucket. If the item you have lost has traveled beyond the P-trap, then it is time to call a Roto-Rooter technician. Remember to refrain from running any additional water while until one of the professionals arrives to use their state of the art fiber optic video inspection camera to search your residential or commercial drain.

Our Roto-Rooter machine, created in 1935, pioneered the modern method of cleaning drains and today our services extend to repair work and sewer line replacement services. We service any drain including shower and tub, toilet, downspout, and main sewer lines. Contact our professionals with any problems you may have for your residential or commercial drains in Brooklyn at!

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