Book signing draws 1000 Ghost Hunters fans

Book signing draws 1000 Ghost Hunters fans

Roto-Rooter teamed up with TV's Ghost Hunters on a book recently. Chilling Tales from the Porcelain Seat features stories from Roto-Rooter plumbers across America. Believe me, these guys have seen it all. From clogged bathtub drains Baltimore to broken kitchen plumbing in Tacoma. 

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, real life Roto-Rooter service technicians in Providence, Rhode Island. They contributed to the book and were in Cincinnati on August 7the for a book signing. Fans asked them about the show but they also had plumbing questions about kitchen plumbing jobs and one guy told them about an adventure he had trying to do his own sewer repair.

In all, about a thousand Ghost Hunters fans showed up. Most of them got copies of the book, which Jason and Grant autographed. Maybe the book and the book signing will finally put to rest the rumors that the guys aren't real Roto-Rooter men.

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