Are Dual-Flush Toilets Right for Your Home?

Are Dual-Flush Toilets Right for Your Home?

Most homeowners are now doing what they can to help preserve our most valuable natural resource-water. In an effort to save a significant amount of water and money every month, dual-flush toilets may make sense for your home.

How Do Dual-Flush Toilets Work?

Dual-flush toilets have two flush volumes to help save you water whenever possible. There is a full flush for solids and a reduced flush for liquid waste. Flushing liquids wastes more water than necessary, which is what makes dual-flush toilets so attractive to savvy home and business owners. They use half or less of the flush to rinse liquid waste from the bowl, so you will notice a significant difference in your water usage. By giving the user a choice of flushing for liquid or solid waste, you can easily help to do your part to conserve water throughout the year.

These efficient toilet models will convert your water-guzzling plumbing fixture into an efficient solution that can help to reduce your water usage, thereby cutting down on your water bill. This will provide a better solution for both you and the environment.

Converting Your Existing Toilet

You may also consider upgrading your existing toilet. This is simple to do and can save you a significant amount of money in the long run. There are even affordable retrofit kits available that will allow you to quickly convert your existing toilet to a dual-flush system. In fact, you can install a kit in as little as 30 minutes with minimal effort. Keep in mind, however, that you risk voiding any remaining warranty if you install a conversion kit in your existing toilet.

There are also various informative videos and tips online that can help you to successfully install your new system. Some professional plumbing companies will even provide assistance over the phone so that you can confidently complete the work on your own.

If you aren’t sure of which toilet model or retrofit kit is right for you, your plumber can help. Your local plumber should be able to provide you with a free estimate on what a new dual-flush model would cost. You may also consider asking what the estimate for installation would be, if you don’t feel comfortable converting your existing toilet on your own.

With the simple installation and low upfront costs, dual-flush toilets are ideal for most homes and light commercial usage. They can save you money, while helping to sustain the environment.

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